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Giving Your models the TLC they deserve.


Giving your models the TLC they deserve. You can hear our spots on the podcast The Eternal Warriors every Friday night.
Giving Your models the TLC they deserve.
 You can hear our spots on every Friday night.


Dark Eldar Project WIP






July 4th

To all my friends and viewers happy 4th of July.

Drive and stay safe 

Basic Base Colors



Great Job

I initially contacted him with the possibility of doing 2 squads of ten, praetorians and squats for me along with an individual character to go along with each squad painted to a higher standard. I have large armies of both that have literally been sitting around since the 90's.

I got a response to my initial email inquiry within 24 hours.

After several emails and a brief phone conversation we agreed upon a price, a time table and basic painting scheme.

1. His price is very reasonable. If anything, compared to many of his competitors he is on the medium to low side.

2. His quality......going to be clear here.... the miniatures look much better in person than they do in the snap shots he has posted here. I think he used too much light in the shots here ...but for the basic troopers they are what I would rate a high table top standard ...they aren't going to win any crystal brush or golden demon, but they are going to look better than 9 out of 10 armies you will ever face on the battlefield. I was pleasantly surprised as I unwrapped the finish product and heck they looked much better in person than they did in the photos.

3. Met his timetable. 

4. Packaged the miniatures for shipping very well, one guy popped off his base in transit but everything else was perfect.
All in all I have absolutely nothing bad to say about my business experience and would highly recommend his service to anyone who is considering having some miniatures painted. I plan on using his service again without reservation most likely on at least my squat army since the job he did on them just flat out rocked.